Science Lion Media is Changing Its Look!

Hey everyone! Science Lion is undergoing a makeover, and we would like some feedback about the website’s new look!

Are you feeling it? Yay? Nay? Well, take a quick run-through of the site and let us know what you think in the comment section!

And for all you newbies that may be here for the first time, subscribing/following our website would be the clearest answer to our question 😉

We’ll field the responses and decide from there. Thanks!


Community Question: AC-fresh air or stale?


My girlfriend insists that all air from outside is fresh air and stale air is what the air conditioning circulates.  

Personally, I believe that the AC has fresh air, because it comes from outside!

Which brings me to you, our Science Lion community, what do you believe?

Does the AC provide fresh air or do you need to crack open a window to get a taste of the fresh stuff? Comment your thoughts below!