Meet The Science Lion Team

Co-Founder, Executive Editor: Jamie A.G. Hamilton, B.S.

I am a PhD candidate with a research focus on cancer biology. I have been involved in a myriad of research, from analytical chemistry and environmental toxicology to my current doctoral research in cancer biology. Through these varied experiences I have found one consistent thing; there is a communication barrier between the scientific community and the public. Science Lion Media was founded to break down this barrier and provide interesting stories and perspective from the scientific community. It is my sincere hope that we are able to inspire you to explore, learn and let your curiosity roar!

Co-Founder, Executive Editor: Bijean D. Ford, B.A.

I am a PhD candidate in the field of immunology, and my focus is on the disease pathology of cystic fibrosis, from a clinical and basic science standpoint. I have a wide range of career experiences and interests ranging from consulting to medical communications. However, in the midst of my biomedical pursuits, I have grown aware of the huge disconnect between the bastion of knowledge within the scientific community, and the primary beneficiary of that knowledge, which is the general public. My attention has also been drawn to the insufficient spotlight that shines on the nuances of food policy, and the fact that different demographics tend to require different recommendations. Science Lion strives to close this gap in communication while establishing trust from our constituency, which is THE PUBLIC. It is not only our duty to do so, but also our privilege!

Executive Science Education Editor: Rae D. Hunter, M.S. M.A.T.

I am a PhD candidate conducting cancer research in pediatric leukemia, anticipating teaching in academia upon completing my degree. I have a diverse range of experiences from teaching 8th grade physical science to traveling around the world as a military brat. I want to bring all of these experiences to create meaningful content, generating a passion for science and promote science literacy in our society. To quote Miss Frizzle, let’s “Get messy, make mistakes!”

Social Media /Marketing Intern: Meng Yang (Jenny)

I am a college freshman who is still discovering my future career path. Currently, I am considering a major in business, possibly with a concentration in accounting or marketing. In the meantime, I look forward to utilizing this internship opportunity with Science Lion to gain relevant marketing experience, while promoting content that I believe is essential to improving our world and the people in it!