How are you handling the quarantine? We want to hear your Covid-19 Story!

The Covid-19 pandemic has placed the United States in a position that is both surreal and dangerous. Americans are being asked to stay indoors and quarantine themselves for the good of their fellow citizens and their loved ones. There has been volatile push-back to the quarantine from protest in Michigan to blatant disregard in some southern states.

Perhaps telling people they should care for their profits and political party lines more than the health of their fellow citizens has led to this resistance to the quarantine; we will explore how policy and public opinion can affect health care outcomes in an upcoming article.

Fortunately, there are many individuals who are staying focused on the larger picture, by staying inside and practicing social distancing. Which brings me to my point today in reaching out to you all, what are some of the ways that you are dealing with the quarantine?  I want to read your responses, tell me your Covid-19 story! 

Additionally we would like to extend a gracious thank you to the health-care workers fighting this virus! We at the Science Lion team are grateful for your strength and efforts. We would also like to acknowledge that being able to quarantine is indeed a privilege and to those workers who are not able to quarantine at this time due to financial strain and other complications, please stay healthy and practice social distancing when possible.  We can make it through this together!