Nightmare Fuel: The Bobbit Worm

Lurking in the watery depths lies a worm spun from pure nightmare fuel- the Bobbit worm.

Filmed by Khaled Sultani- Check out their other videos!
Eunice aphroditois

Mrs. Scary-Face is a predator who feeds on anything she can catch, using her long sensory antennae to determine when prey is nearby. The jaws are held back until the right moment when they snap shut on unsuspecting prey. These creatures can vary in length, from a few inches to 10 feet long!  Bobbit worms are distributed worldwide but mainly found within the Indo-Pacific ocean. These creatures produce sexually, with both male and female ejaculating sperm and eggs respectively into the water and letting the ocean current do the rest. The next time you are swimming on those white sandy beaches, remember that a very tiny percentage of that crystal clear water is- “Bobbit sex water”.


Research related to Bobbit worms has found interesting predator-prey behaviors, where fish will actually gang up and blow water jets on the Bobbit worms to cover the Bobbit hole with sand and silt and force the monster  Bobbit to retreat.  The research on Bobbit worms is not widespread, a discredit to us all, as this fascinating predator is assuredly hiding some scientific secrets.

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