The Marvelous Space Bear

The Incredible Tardigrade is INDESTRUCTIBLE

The Tardigrade is fondly called both the “water bear” and the “space bear”!

Sadly, you may not be able to give this cute bear a squeeze because it is a micro-animal, meaning it can only be seen with the use of a microscope. 

This adorable water bear is able to survive in the deepest parts of the ocean and at temperatures from -458°F to 300°F. The Tardigrade is even able to survive the VACUUM OF OUTER SPACE!  

How is this possible?!

The Tardigrade is able to withstand forces that would normally be deadly due to its amazing ability to enter a type of “frozen state” called cryptobiosis. This allows for the water bear to actually go without food and water for up to 30 YEARS!  

This incredible organism is able to be found on most trees, mosses and lichen. Try to go out with your friends, dip a piece of lichen or moss into the water and then look at the moss under the microscope! Do you see any Tardigrades? 

Let your curiosity roar!

Watch this amazing video below to learn more!

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